EU-80/EU-80S robot

High efficiency, high precision, saving cost, high safety

Suitable with various horizontal injection molding machines with Injection press of 100 ~ 220 tons

  • Category:European manipulator
  • Type:EU-80 series robot
  • Usage:Plastic product embedment、take out automatic、runner cutting
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Standard function

Packaging motion(Max.256 points)

Free packaging motion(115 points×2 stage)

Forward and rotate at removing side

Posture control during traverse

Posture midway descent at release side

Ejector link

Defective product reject circuit

Initial defective product reject circuit

Delayed arm descent

Midway runner release(Move,Revert)

Runner release within mold

Additional vacuum sensing unit (2 circuit)

Delayed traverse

Undercut extract circuit

Star signal of conveyor

Internal memory(for Max 100 molds)

Lock function of setting value

Extraction from fixed mold

Two language exchange(chinese/English)

Option function

Air nipper in chuck circuit

NT gate cutting on cross member of moving

Additional vacuum sensing unit

Product gripping circuits

Mold close during ascend

Rotation unit

Ejector return link



Application industry: automotive connector, 3C electronics and other rapid prototyping industries.

Application process: inserting the inserts in the early stage of product forming and picking, placing, boxing after the forming is completed.

Achieving effect: It is used to take out 0-6kg soft or hard plastic, take out the product or runner, cut the runner, box, and embed.

Video case

Euro type robot takes 3C spare parts >> Click to view

Topstar Euro type robot released at the Smart Chine Expo >> Click to view