Enterprise History


Landing "new three board"
● assessed as "Forbes China Potential Enterprises unlisted hundred", ranking 30
  Robot Engineering won the "Golden Globe"
● Automotive special large tonnage robot offline successfully applied with the customer site
● 81 acres of new plant construction began
  Beijing and Wuhan, two major marketing center set up



 Capital expansion

 ● invest 600 million RMB for expansion, the construction of the largest automation machines manufacturing base, the project was included in the City key construction projects;

 ● establishment of Zhejiang Branch;

 ● robot to get brand-name products in Guangdong Province, a number of products passed CE certificate;

 ● global introduction of talent, Build automation project department;

 ● successfully imported 3D printer project



 Based on domestic and global distribution

 ● products successfully sold in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and other oversea markets;

 ● domestic sales covered the whole country;

 ● signed a research cooperation agreement with South China University of Technology

 ● achieving national high-tech enterprise title



 Stride forward

 ● independent research and development of three-axis, five-axis servo robot, through client authentication and access to wide acclaim;

 ● Establish the maintenance team with 60 personal to service customer, providing a full range of maintenance outsourcing services;

 ● "South China Plastics Industry Summit Forum" at the Business School was established.



 System integration overall output

 ● Wuxi Branch, Shanghai, Kunshan, Suzhou branches founded;

 ● with Tsinghua University joined forces to introduce the most advanced enterprise management philosophy, founded Topstar Business School;

 ● successful acquisition of robot manufacturers, became a full automation system supplier, to expand production capacity more than 5 times.



 Seize the opportunity to triumph

 ● founded Topstar Business School;

 ● become qualified Haitian injection molding machine supporting suppliers; market turnover exceeded one thousand customers;

 ● second workshop was established, metal parts are self produced; chiller and crusher production to a new level.



 The rapid rise of technology first

 ● develop new energy-saving three-in-one, saving more than 70%;

 ● The industry's first direct cooling water temperature of 160 degrees machine, shorten the cooling rate of 80%;

 ● increase the degree of performance to maintain more than 50%.



 Miracle turned out

 ● establish "build a world-class quality" of corporate and product positioning;

 ● develop the industry's first internal standard, each refinement process, focus on product details.

 ● redefine the standard of the industry's most high-end products.

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