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Topstar Industrial robots are widely used in welding, stacking, punching and other aspects of industries. multi-axis robot posture structure expands the freedom, without interference; the operating characteristics of high-speed, improves production efficiency; the best means of improving the structure of the welding quality. Universal high-speed robot is also applicable to arc welding; compact, slim design saves more space.



Space-saving, energy-saving: with the highest level of performance, constantly optimize the structure and function helps to reduce the size of the production equipment.
Easy operation simulation: the operation of teaching and simulation improved, greatly reducing the time required for system integration.
Simple Repair for Troubleshooting: MOTOMAN constant pursuits of monitoring, fault diagnosis and improves the structure, thereby reduces the maintenance time and recovery time after a failure.

  • model
  • 控制柜Dx100
  • 安装*1F,W,C
  • 自由度6
  • 负载 5kg
  • 垂直伸长度1193mm
  • 水平伸长度706mm
  • 重复定位精度*2±0.02mm
  • 动作范围S轴(旋转)-170°~+170°
  • 动作范围L轴(下臂)-65°~+150°
  • 动作范围U轴(上臂)-136°~+255°
  • 动作范围R轴(手腕旋转)-190°~+190°
  • 动作范围B轴(手腕摆动)-135°~+135°
  • 动作范围T轴(手腕回转)-360°~+360°
  • 最大速度S轴(旋转)376°/S
  • 最大速度L轴(下臂)350°/S
  • 最大速度U轴(上臂)400°/S
  • 最大速度R轴(手腕旋转)450°/S
  • 最大速度B轴(手腕摆动)450°/S
  • 最大速度T轴(手腕回转)720°/S
  • 容许力矩R轴(手腕旋转)12N·m
  • 容许力矩B轴(手腕摆动)12N·m
  • 容许力矩T轴(手腕回转)7N·m
  • 容许惯性力矩R轴(手腕旋转)0.30kg·㎡
  • 容许惯性力矩B轴(手腕摆动)0.30kg·㎡
  • 容许惯性力矩T轴(手腕回转)0.1kg·㎡
  • 本体重量27kg
  • 电源容量*31.0kVA


Minghsiang Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. is foreign-owned enterprises. Topstar supplied full servo motor robots and the belt conveyors, replacing the manual operation, basically realization of automation. Meanwhile also providing mold temperature controllers, hopper dryers, auto loaders and other equipment. Through independent mold temperature controller, centralized drying feeding system, the basic realization of unmanned workshop, to ensure quality and consistency.


Foxlink Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan, it is one of the five largest suppliers for Apple Mobile; Topstar provides automated planning of the whole plant for its Jiangxi factory, Nanchang Fugang Electronics, to achieve unmanned management, including central feeding systems, robots, mold temperature control system.

Kun Hing Technology

Shenzhen Kun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in chargers, data cables and other accessories professional manufacturers; Topstar supplies full servo motor robots, three-in-one dehumidifying dryers, water-type mold temperature controllers, improving the automation level of the user’s factory.

Sunwanda Electronics

Sunwanda Electronics Co., Ltd. is domestic leading producer for lithium-ion battery module solutions and products; Topstar supplies full servo motor robots, three-in-one dehumidifying dryers, water-type mold temperature controllers, which greatly improved the workshop environment, staff turnover ratio is also greatly reduced.

Dewei precision molds

Shenzhen Dewei precision molds Co., Ltd. is a professional mold design, manufacturing grinding tools, injection molding spraying, production and service of high-tech private enterprises; Robots, 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryers, mold temperature controllers, belt conveyors, and all other equipment provided by Topstar, which help put on the overall level of automation to achieve unmanned workshop, enhancing user competitiveness.








河北冠鹏脚轮制造有限公司是一家脚轮专业制造企业;拓斯达为冠鹏提供了正常自动化规划,主要制定项目包括: 1. 整厂水(含冷却水/冰水)、车间用电、空压机气 2. 中央供料系统 3. 全伺服机械手,输送带



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