Robots Automation

Spruce Picker

Etensively applied to horizontal / vertical plastic injection machines ranging from 50T~ 250T which can rapid take out the runners, runner and finished products from the mold of plastic injection molding machines, and place runners or runner into beside-the-press granulator for recycling immediately.

There are two types of arms-single stage and telescopic.  The vertical stroke for single stage is 550mm and for telescopic is 650mm.
This series equipped with wrist rotation mechanism and gripper sensor can rotate products with 90°.

Structural Units

Wrist Rotation Mechanism

Safety Protection

Control System


Function Feature
◆X axis can rotate 90° which is for changing molds conveniently, equipped with hydraulic shock absorber for making forward & backward stroke more stable and smooth.
◆Y axis is equipped with device to avoid pneumatic cylinder falling;
◆Z axis can be adjusted angle from 45°~90° for placing finished parts by different direction according to requirement ( to place parts at the operate side or non-operate side of injection molding machines).

Model Feature
◆X-650 are mainly used for removal of runner or finished products independently; also can be used for removal of runner and finished products from 2 plate mold simultaneously.
◆X-650PR are mainly used for removal of runner & runner and finished products from 3 plate mold simultaneously and any arm can be used independently for remove finished parts or runner.
◆L-550 are extensively applied to vertical injection molding machines, can be used for removal of runner, with fully auto operation.

  • model
  • TypeSingle-stage
  • I.M.M.Range (TON)80-180
  • Vertical Stroke (mm) 650
  • Crosswise Stroke (mm)150
  • Swing Angle (°) 50-90
  • Gripper Rotation Angle (°) 90
  • Max. Load (kg) 2
  • Min. take Time (sec) 0.7
  • Dry Cycle Time (sec) 4.2
  • Drive Systempressure
  • Working Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.5-0.7
  • Air consumption (L/cycle) 7.7
  • Power Consumption (Kw)0.2
  • PowerAC220V50/60HZ
  • Weight (kg)43


Minghsiang Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. is foreign-owned enterprises. Topstar supplied full servo motor robots and the belt conveyors, replacing the manual operation, basically realization of automation. Meanwhile also providing mold temperature controllers, hopper dryers, auto loaders and other equipment. Through independent mold temperature controller, centralized drying feeding system, the basic realization of unmanned workshop, to ensure quality and consistency.


Foxlink Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan, it is one of the five largest suppliers for Apple Mobile; Topstar provides automated planning of the whole plant for its Jiangxi factory, Nanchang Fugang Electronics, to achieve unmanned management, including central feeding systems, robots, mold temperature control system.

Kun Hing Technology

Shenzhen Kun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in chargers, data cables and other accessories professional manufacturers; Topstar supplies full servo motor robots, three-in-one dehumidifying dryers, water-type mold temperature controllers, improving the automation level of the user’s factory.

Sunwanda Electronics

Sunwanda Electronics Co., Ltd. is domestic leading producer for lithium-ion battery module solutions and products; Topstar supplies full servo motor robots, three-in-one dehumidifying dryers, water-type mold temperature controllers, which greatly improved the workshop environment, staff turnover ratio is also greatly reduced.

Dewei precision molds

Shenzhen Dewei precision molds Co., Ltd. is a professional mold design, manufacturing grinding tools, injection molding spraying, production and service of high-tech private enterprises; Robots, 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryers, mold temperature controllers, belt conveyors, and all other equipment provided by Topstar, which help put on the overall level of automation to achieve unmanned workshop, enhancing user competitiveness.








河北冠鹏脚轮制造有限公司是一家脚轮专业制造企业;拓斯达为冠鹏提供了正常自动化规划,主要制定项目包括: 1. 整厂水(含冷却水/冰水)、车间用电、空压机气 2. 中央供料系统 3. 全伺服机械手,输送带



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