Central Feeding System

Centralized Feeding System
The centralized feeding system is an overall solution capable of realizing centralized feeding and control so as to realize the unattendedcontinuous forming operation of the whole plant. It is designed according to the placing conditions of machine stations on the customer site and the consumption of site raw materials as well as the combination of unique auxiliary equipment.
Industrial computer is adopted in this system to conduct centralized control over all machine stations automatically, thus realizing thecontinuous feeding operation (24 hours) of all consuming units. It can perfectly realize the special requirements of raw materialdehumidifying, drying, deliver, dosing, and mixing after matched with special functions of each machine station within the system. Thecentralized feeding system is equipped with multiple monitoring and protection functions. The operation is safe and reliable. It is the core precondition for the enterprise to realize an unattended factory.

Control Unit

Dynamic Unit

Conveying Unit

Raw Material Processing

Terminal Unit

Why would you select the centralized feeding system of TOPSTAR?
◆Realize the unattended dosing operation of the whole factory, thus saving abundant labor for the enterprise.
◆Coordinate with the cooling water circulation system to automatically take out transmission system, cooling and heating exchange system  and regrind material recycling system , to realize the unattained operation of the whole factory. The enterprise can save energies consumed by equipment like air conditioner and electric light.
◆Enormously improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduce its production cost.
◆Tremendously improve the product quality and reduce reject ratio.
◆Adjust different raw materials according to relevant demands to save the trouble of raw material replacement encountered by the enterprise before.
◆The pipes do not occupy ground space, thus saving abundant effective space for the enterprise.
◆The pipe arrangement and placing are artistic so as to effectively improve the environment in the production workshop.
◆The costs are relatively cheap to save abundant capital for the enterprise if viewed from a long-term perspective.
◆Realize enclosed pipe transmission of raw materials to thoroughly avoid workshop noise, dust and heat pollution. It is the best system to improve product quality to a maximal extent.

  • model
  • Standard Part 1Suction Box
  • Standard Part 2Shut-off Suction Box
  • Standard Part 3Central Feeding Loader
  • Standard Part 4Storage Tank
  • Standard Part 5Material Distribution Station
  • Standard Part 6Pressure Relief Valve
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Foxlink Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan, it is one of the five largest suppliers for Apple Mobile; Topstar provides automated planning of the whole plant for its Jiangxi factory, Nanchang Fugang Electronics, to achieve unmanned management, including central feeding systems, robots, mold temperature control system.

Koito Automotive Lamp

Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd. is a joint venture; Topstar has planed and implemented central feeding system for Fuzhou Koito Dayi Lamp Co., Ltd. Suitable for a variety of complex plastic and stringent process requirements. Also provides 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryers, water chillers and other equipment. In addition, Wuxi Sakura Auto Parts Co., Ltd., also uses Topstar’s central feeding system, dehumidifying drying system.












河北冠鹏脚轮制造有限公司是一家脚轮专业制造企业;拓斯达为冠鹏提供了正常自动化规划,主要制定项目包括: 1. 整厂水(含冷却水/冰水)、车间用电、空压机气 2. 中央供料系统 3. 全伺服机械手,输送带


西安凡高实业发展有限公司坐落于西安现代纺织产业园区;拓斯达为其进行了低投入的自动化整厂规划,定制项目有: 1. 整厂水(含冷却水/冰水)、车间用电、空压机气 2. 中央供料系统 3. 机械手输送带



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