Mold Temperature Control System

TTR Series Rapid Heat and Cool Temperature Controller

This series can be used effectively to solve many defects on polymer molding, such as weld marks, flow marks, ruffles, silver marks and 

enhance products' surface with glossy like mirror.  It is unnecessary for secondary processing on spraying to products, increasing the rate of good finished products by 20% to 30%.  It can solve the surface shrinkage of plastic products completely to make high quality of products appearance.  For thin wall molding, it can improve the melted resin fluidity faster during the polymer filling (packing) phase for ensuring 

products' quality & strength. The cycle time for thickness parts molding will be reduced up to 60% to enhance the productivity greatly.



◆ To adapt P.I.D temperature control system for achieving an even dry effect.

◆ A full-closed loop controls the detection of input and output temperature; the mold’s actual temperature feedback to PLC; and 

digital colors are available for varying display, making the output accurate and stable.

◆ For the six kinds of alarms including high-temperature hot water, cold water, air temperature and pressure, overload, 

the interlocking between time and temperature movements and the injection molding machine’s signals is employed.

◆ Controller is independent which can be placed at proper location for operation conveniently.

◆ Imported components are used for enhancing performance and prolonging service life.

◆ The heating, cooling and hot/cold transformation functions are available.

◆ It is designed with recycling systems for high-temperature hot water and cooling water, saving energy significantly.

 (hot water can reach 95% recovery and cooling water can reach 100% recovery)  

◆ It is unnecessary to connect with a boiler or other external auxiliary temperature controlling equipment, avoiding the application of 

complicated boiler plants and pipe works for achieving power & cost saving.

  • model
  • ItemHeat &Cool Controller
  • Voltage3Φ,380V,50/60HZ
  • Total Power56.6KW
  • Total Current107A
  • Heating TypeHeat Tube
  • Heating Capacity9KW×6
  • System Temp.Nomal Temp.~180℃
  • Temp. SensorK Type(adjustable)
  • Heat Contol Accuracy±2℃(adjustable)
  • System CoolingDirect Cooling
  • Screen ShowAll Chinese Display
  • System Control TypeComputer PLC(FX2N)+touch screen
  • MediumWater
  • System Inlet/outlet Size1″/1″
  • Medium Inlet/outlet SizeDN20 (3/8x8)
  • Cool Water Pump ModelCR3-17
  • Cool Water Pump Capacity1.5KW
  • Cool Water Pump Flow60L/min
  • Hot Water Pump ModelCRI5-9
  • Hot Water Pump Capacity1.5KW
  • Hot Water Pump Flow90L/min
  • Compressed Air4.5Kg/c㎡
  • Supply Air TubeΦ10(mm)
  • Machine Outline Size1.2*0.6*1 (m)
  • Work Station Outline Size0.45*0.35*1.2(m)
  • Recommended IMM Range400T(According to mold size)
  • Weight408 Kg


Minghsiang Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. is foreign-owned enterprises. Topstar supplied full servo motor robots and the belt conveyors, replacing the manual operation, basically realization of automation. Meanwhile also providing mold temperature controllers, hopper dryers, auto loaders and other equipment. Through independent mold temperature controller, centralized drying feeding system, the basic realization of unmanned workshop, to ensure quality and consistency.


Foxlink Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan, it is one of the five largest suppliers for Apple Mobile; Topstar provides automated planning of the whole plant for its Jiangxi factory, Nanchang Fugang Electronics, to achieve unmanned management, including central feeding systems, robots, mold temperature control system.

BYD Auto

BYD is China's well-known automobile enterprises. Topstar provides comprehensive dehumidifying and drying system, mold temperature control, automatic cooling solutions.

Jaguar Poway

Jaguar Poway Germany Rack Group, a joint venture in China; Topstar provides water-type mold temperature controller, 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryers and other equipment to meet plastic products size precision control and appearance high requirements.


Haier is the world's largest home appliance brand; Topstar provides movable mold temperature controller, chillers and other products, to break the barriers of limit of each single procedure for plastic molding, metal processing and foam forming. to achieve the deployment of each production line freely, to improve the efficiency of the equipment usage, reduce the usage and maintenance costs. In addition, Midea, Konkia and other domestic appliances giant use Topstar equipment.


Galanz Group is a Chinese outstanding representative of private manufacturing enterprise; Topstar provides water-type mold temperature controller, 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryer and other equipment, can guarantee plastic products size accuracy with 0.01mm.


Midea Group is a large-scale comprehensive home appliance manufacturing group; Topstar supplys dehumidifying drying machine, auto loaders, mold temperature controllers, chillers, crushers to gain the favor of customer, improving the injection workshop environment, while saving a lot of labor costs. Avoid material waste pollution, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and yield.


Guangdong Homa Appliances Co., Ltd. is a famous refrigerator manufacturing enterprises; Topstar supplys dehumidifying drying machine, auto loaders, mold temperature controllers, chillers, crushers to gain Omar's favor.

Lixin Plastic

Dongguan Lixin Plastic Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in various types of power transformers, chargers and other plastic shell molding; Topstar provides water-type mold temperature controller, 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryer and other equipment, greatly improve the workshop environment.

Kun Hing Technology

Shenzhen Kun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in chargers, data cables and other accessories professional manufacturers; Topstar supplies full servo motor robots, three-in-one dehumidifying dryers, water-type mold temperature controllers, improving the automation level of the user’s factory.

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